Welcome to the International Women’s Club of Copenhagen (IWC)

The International Women’s Club of Copenhagen (IWC) is an English speaking social club that brings together expatriate women living in Denmark and Danish women with an international background. IWC counts around 200 members from 47 countries. It is a non-political, non-religious, non-commercial organisation with the objective of creating understanding and friendship between women from all parts of the world. The club organises monthly meetings and activities in special interest groups, which provide opportunities to learn about the diversity of cultures in a friendly atmosphere. IWC also raises funds that are donated to a variety of international charities.
Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte is patron of the club.


IWC is a non-profit organization founded in November 1977. It was formed to welcome and assist newcomers and their families to Denmark; to further members’ knowledge and understanding of Denmark; to foster goodwill and friendship amongst members of all countries; and to give financial and material support to philanthropic projects, especially those of an international nature.

Just over a dozen women representing many countries attended the First Organizational Meeting at the home of our founder Lori Cole on 3 November 1977.

The Charter Members arranged the 1st Luncheon/Meeting attended by 95 women on 12 January 1978. On that day membership was opened to foreign resident women in Denmark and Danish women who had been resident abroad for at least two years and had returned to Denmark not more than two years ago, and were interested in the objectives of the Club. Within a very short time, the number of countries represented in IWC increased to 35.

Today 40 countries are represented.

Charter Members

Gee Adair, Great Britain

Finy van der Akker, The Netherlands

Madelaine Bacho, Sweden

Bodil Becker, Denmark

Josephine Braca, USA

Shadi Farhang, Iran

Jeanne Galpin, Canada

Irina Gribina, USSR

Marie Gudman, USA/Denmark

Liliana Guidotti, Italy

Corrinne Halberg, Canada

Christa Lauster, Germany

Rebecca Marique de Lara, Ecuador

Regina McMakin, Indonesia

Diana Phillips, Great Britain

Jean Waddington, Great Britain

Founder of IWC: Lori Cole -USA/Ireland

Honorary Member: Christine Bank – UK