Welcome to Club Year 2016-2017

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9 June: Luncheon at Restaurant Address
Past President Claire Clausen (left) hands over the reins to President Dorethe Worsøe and the Executive Board of Club Year 2016-17
2 June Thank You Party
Outgoing President Claire Clausen presents Photographer Thelma Christensen with flowers for a year of great photos. Thank you Thelma, our website would not be as interesting without your photos!
2 June Briefing of the new Board members
President 2016-17 Dorethe Worsøe (left) meets with the new Executive Board after the Thank You party.
©Photo: Thelma Christensen


The International Women's Club of Copenhagen is a non-political, non-profit organisation founded in 1977.


To welcome and assist newcomers and their families to Denmark.
To enhance the members' knowledge of Denmark through tours to historical and cultural sights, lectures on topical issues and other activities
To foster goodwill and friendship amongst members of all countries, and finally,
To support philanthropic projects especially those of an international nature.

See you at our different events,

Dorethe Worsøe

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